Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Heat sources - Renewable energy

In order to use a heat pump, various heat sources are considered (air, water, earth). Not every builder has all the necessary resources to heat and any heat pumps can be used to type. For this reason above all the choice of a suitable piece of land is important.

So you can see if the air, the earth, or at least water is used as a heat source. Under a heat source system refers to a system that removes heat from a heat source and the transport between the heat source, heat carrier and cold side of the heat pump and the enclosed additional devices. But a heat pump worth it at all? Normally can save each family home with a heat pump. Especially if it is assumed that over 70% of energy can be produced by a heat pump and only 25% must be used by conventional energies. So you are less than for oil or gas heaters one Gro ├čteil at cost, which can in turn be used for other things.

Moreover, one must not worry about where the fuels (eg, wood, or gas) must be hergenommen. Another advantage, the heat pump can not only warm, but also by the reverse operation also provide cool air in the summer, so you no longer have to set the window to tilt to constantly get fresh air. Those who opt for a heat pump are spoiled for choice. Once you have decided on a suitable type, you have to decide on a company. The prices of heat pumps are between 8,000 and 10.00 Euro, although there are cheaper or more expensive deals that can be found mostly on the Internet.

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